Month: July 2018

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Meeting-Attendees and Artifacts a cheatsheet

Here is a quick reference on the meetings, attendees and artificats in a Scrum Cycle. Meetings Attendees Goals Artifacts Sprint Planning Develepment Team, ScrumMaster, Product Owner possibly SME’s Sprint Backlog Sprint Backlog and Sprint Goal Daily Stand-up/ Daily Scrum Development Team, Product Owner (at the invitation of the Dev team), ScrumMaster Status update on the

Scrum With Distributed Teams and Outsourcing

Scrum with Distributed Teams and Outsourcing  Outsourcing is a very popular and profitable way of augmenting the work force. It worked with relative level of success using waterfall methodology, however the out-sourcing model fails in a Scrum implementation. Why is that? One of the core tenets of Scrum is a co-located, self-organizing and self-managing teams.