Month: February 2021

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The 6 Agile Methodology Steps That You Need to Know

Agile project management promises to produce short development lifecycles and frequent product releases. This allows the teams to handle and react to client needs effectively. There are many popular agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, Dynamic Software Development Method (DSDM), Crystal Methodologies, Feature Driven Development (FDD) and Extreme Programming (XP); but all these agile methodologies have

Agile Methodology Adoption Challenges in an Organizational Structure

If your organization and you decided to go Agile, chances are that no one did an organizational or a project level evaluation if Agile would be the best fit.  You may even hire an Agile coach, have employees attend Agile training, or have your process guru write a “blueprint” or “best practices” for Agile teams.