Why do we use Fibonacci Numbers to estimate in Scrum?

One of the core values of Agile is that “We value individuals and their interactions over tools and process”.  Meaning that in an environment where requirements and technology are rapidly changing, we want people to communicate directly with each other to reduce the latency of decision making. The reliance on tools and processes may not

How To Effectively Manage Remote Meetings

Remote meetings are the new global reality, which has added an extra layer of complexity when trying to work with multiple teams across the world.  Some fundamental and practices will ensure that you are successful in managing an effective remote meeting  The practices can be broken down into 4 areas  Technology Pre-Meeting Preparation Meeting Management

VUCA Environment And The Relevance Of Agile

The demise of the former Soviet Union caused the known cold war strategy change rapidly. Instead of dealing with one known and stable advisory the United States Army War College found itself contending with a strategy to engage with multiple players with complex and varied agendas. Suddenly, the known world order had become more Volatile,

Scaling with Scrum

Scaling scrum basically means to successfully apply scrum framework on medium to large scale projects. But scaling scrum is not just a cakewalk. If you have really decided to scale scrum then below are the 6 frameworks that can be utilized to do the task: LeSS-Large Scale Scrum SAFe -Scaled Agile Framework Spotify Engineering Culture

The Scrum Development Team – Everything You Need to Know

Scrum Team is made of three roles: that of  the Product Owner, the Development Team and the Development Team. The Development Team role is to bring the business idea from the Product Owner into a technical fruition. What is a Scrum Development Team? Development Team is a self-organizing, self managing, cross-functional team of 3- 9 

3-5-3 the 411 of Scrum

Partial implementation of Scrum is not going to make your team Agile or enhance your team’s ability to deliver value earlier.  Scrum works best when implemented in its entirety. The core of that success is to follow the principles as laid out in the Scrum Guide, which is that each team should have Three (3)

The 12 Principles of Agile Project Management

The 12 principles are agreed amongst the Agile pioneers and later became the part of the Agile Manifesto and these could be adopted as guiding practices to support the teams. 1. Customer Satisfaction – Our Highest Priority The first principle is that customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of the valued software. This principle

The 6 Agile Methodology Steps That You Need to Know

Agile project management promises to produce short development lifecycles and frequent product releases. This allows the teams to handle and react to client needs effectively. There are many popular agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, Dynamic Software Development Method (DSDM), Crystal Methodologies, Feature Driven Development (FDD) and Extreme Programming (XP); but all these agile methodologies have

Agile Methodology Adoption Challenges in an Organizational Structure

If your organization and you decided to go Agile, chances are that no one did an organizational or a project level evaluation if Agile would be the best fit.  You may even hire an Agile coach, have employees attend Agile training, or have your process guru write a “blueprint” or “best practices” for Agile teams.

How to renew your Scrum Certifications

How to renew your Scrum certification Your Scrum Certification from Scrum Alliance are valid for 2 years. The process of renewing your certification is quite simple you need to accumilate a certain number of SEU’s (Scrum Educational Units) and pay a recertification fee. Following is the matrix of the number of SEU’s required and the recertification fee.