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Certified Agile Leader 1

CAL-E Course Introduction

Expand your leadership toolkit in CAL 1™. You’ll learn how to bolster your organization’s enterprise strategy, lead teams that deliver great products, and cultivate a highly adaptive, responsive work environment.

Read more about the requirements and prerequisites for this certification at CAL-1

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The Case for Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership in Action

Leading Agile Teams

Leading Agile Organizations

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Looking for CAL-Ess, CAL-T, or CAL-O?

We’ve recently refactored the leadership learning program. CAL Essentials, Teams, and Organizations have been restructured into the updated and enhanced CAL 1 and 2. Please visit the CAL FAQs to find out how this change may impact you if you hold any of the existing Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leader certificates or are currently enrolled in one of the courses.


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What you'll learn in CAL 1

Learn to lead agile teams and organizations by embracing agile leadership concepts and leveraging agility to drive sustainable improvement in any business. 

In CAL 1, you can expect to learn:

In CAL 1, you’ll shift the way you think about organizational culture and employees to recognize their full potential in your agile enterprise.

Who should take CAL 1?

CAL 1 is designed for:

    Why should I take CAL 1?

    Leaders today are striving to stay on top of rapidly changing business needs and must recognize rapid adaptation as critical to their success. You are now required to shift the way you think about your role as a leader, your relationship with your employees, and the culture of your organization. CAL 1 is a deep dive that will challenge you to expand your capabilities, your mindset, and your leadership toolkit.

    CAL 1 is a master class in leadership that is designed for today’s enterprises. With a live virtual or in-person format, CAL 1 provides the opportunity to connect with other people in leadership roles to grow and evolve your own knowledge. For those seeking to expand their leadership skills, develop and lead teams more effectively, and manage organizational change, this course provides the skills and guidance needed to do so.


    CAL 1TM is designed for leaders, managers, and other change agents seeking to expand their leadership skills, develop and lead teams more effectively, and manage organizational change.

    Students will explore the benefits of agile leadership and ways to grow as a leader in the ever-evolving world of work, and become familiar with different structured leadership development frameworks. Students will also explore the development of high performing teams and the different facets that impact the effectiveness and overall agility of both teams and organizations.

    A CAL 1 course will be at least 16 hours (in person) or 14 hours (virtual).

    Yes. Students will be invited to renew their certification every two years. The cost to renew CAL 1 will be $100 with a requirement of 20 SEUs. Students can also renew this certification by successfully completing a Scrum Alliance course or renewing other certifications.

    No. Eligible students will have their badges automatically converted to a CAL 1 badge as previous CAL Essentials, Teams, and Organizations badges will become extinct. Badges converted to CAL 1 will hold the same ‘Active until’ expiration date as their previous CAL Ess/T/O badge. Any inactive CAL Ess/T/O badges automatically converted to CAL 1 will expire.

    Students who have only completed a single CAL course (Ess, T, or O), have not successfully met the learning requirements for a CAL 1 badge. Students who hold single CAL certifications are highly encouraged to take a CAL Essentials, Teams, or Organizations (the one not yet taken) course before April 15, 2024 or enroll in a CAL 1 course once available.