Meeting-Attendees and Artifacts a cheatsheet

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Meeting-Attendees and Artifacts a cheatsheet

Here is a quick reference on the meetings, attendees and artificats in a Scrum Cycle.

Sprint PlanningDevelepment Team, ScrumMaster, Product Owner possibly SME’sSprint BacklogSprint Backlog and Sprint Goal
Daily Stand-up/ Daily ScrumDevelopment Team, Product Owner (at the invitation of the Dev team), ScrumMasterStatus update on the current SprintNo specific atrifact
Product Backlog RefinementProduct Owner, Development Team, ScrumMaster and maybe some SME’sMitigating risk for the upcoming sprint planning session. Sicing Product Backlog ItemsRefined Prouct Backog   with Items ready for planning in the upcoming planning meetings
Sprint ReviewProduct Owner, Development Team, ScrumMaster and some stakeholders as invited by the Product OwnerReview the work completed during the concluded sprint. Potentially Shippable IncrementPotentailly Shippable Product Increment
Sprint RetrospeciveDevelopment Team, Product Owner and ScrumMasterPlan to improve the process and interworking of the teamAction Teams to improve any ineffeciencies

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