The Scrum Development Team – Everything You Need to Know

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The Scrum Development Team – Everything You Need to Know

Scrum Team is made of three roles: that of  the Product Owner, the Development Team and the Development Team. The Development Team role is to bring the business idea from the Product Owner into a technical fruition.

What is a Scrum Development Team?

Development Team is a self-organizing, self managing, cross-functional team of 3- 9  professionals. They are responsible for building the actual product increment and meeting the sprint goal. The success of Scrum is directly proportional to the success of the development team.

Scrum Development Team Responsibilities:

Scrum Development Team has many responsibilities during the sprint as mentioned below:

  1. Actively participate in the Sprint Planning session
  2. Manage the Sprint Backlog (Perform Sprint Execution)
  3. Inspect and adapt each day to meet the sprint goals (Daily Scrum)
  4. Inspect and adapt product and process (Retrospective)

Scrum Development Team Characteristics:

It is only possible to fulfill above responsibilities when a Scrum Development Team exhibits certain characteristics as mentioned below.

  1. Self Organizing
  2. Cross-Functional
  3. No Titles within the Team
  4. No Sub Teams
  5. T Shaped Skills (Broad and Deep at the same time)
  6. Accountable Teams
  7. High Bandwidth and Transparent Communication
  8. Sustainable Pace
  9. Focused and Committed

The Development teams are self managing so they do not have a manager. Team members are mutually accountable to each other. The traditional Development Managers from a waterfall set up may end up being subject matter experts who act as consultants to the Development Team.

Scrum Development Team Ideal Size:

As per the Scrum Guide, the ideal team size should be between 3-9 people. These numbers don’t include the Scrum Owner and the Product Owner 

The logic for this range of 3 – 9 people is :A team of less than 3 people won’t be cross-functional and would have skill set constraints and a team of larger than 9 people becomes to large for the empirical process to be effective and also the communication channels become so dense that the communication effectiveness degrades.

Usually, the Scrum Teams have an optimal team size of 5 – 7 team members.

The ScrumMaster is responsible for the effectiveness of the Scrum Team, so they are embedded with the Development team to ensure that the team understands the Scrum Framework and get better in Self Organization, Self Management and in Cross training.

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