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A-CSM Course Introduction

Enhance your Scrum Master skills to the next level by getting your advanced certification as a Scrum Master. Scrum Alliances Advanced Scrum Master certification introduces you to new tools, communication and facilitation skills and techniques for guiding your team and organization in an evolving business and organizational landscape. Focus of the A-CSM course is not only to help you advance your certification level, but also help you to hone your skills in the “softer” aspects of leadership, like effective facilitation and communication amongst multiple teams and stakeholders.

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Learning Expectations

Deeper and maturity of understanding of Scrum and Agile from the point of view of a ScrumMaster, along with critical skills such as

Professional Benefits

Course Overview

Product Owner Core Competencies

Advanced Purpose and Strategy

Empathizing with Customers and Users

Advanced Product Assumption Validation

Advanced Techniques for Working with the Product Backlog

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The prerequisite to earn an Advanced CSM, is that you  must have an active CSM® certification with Scrum Alliance®, as well as at least one-year work experience specific to the role of ScrumMaster. For more details on Scrum Alliance requirements, visit the  following link website.

Steps to attain A-CSM Certification