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Agility Technology LLC, works with the whole spectrum of the organization to understand the work flow, processes and institutional inertia issues and design a tailored coaching plans and implement in a systematic way while mitigating any transformation risk. Learn About Agile Online and In-Person training to help you succeed with agile

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About Us
About Us
About Us

The Agility Technology

Agility Technology is an Arlington, Virgina based consulting company that specializes in Agile training, coaching, organizational adoption of Agile, implementation and staff augmentation.
Agility Technology LLC. provides custom Agile solutions for your organizations that work for all layers of your organization right from CTO to individual contributors, Training and coaching your organization for great performance efficiency.
Agile team with more than two decades of experience that leads transformation of your organization, drive continuous improvement and ushers self-organization within teams by creative Agile Training, coaching and implementation.

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Mr. Samir Chhibber has more than 30 years of experience in portfolio and project management in the Federal and Commercial environment. As a portfolio manager he has championed the transition of multiple organizations from Waterfall to Agile Framework.

Mr. Samir Chhibber

President, Agility Technology

More About Mr Samir Chhibber

At Customs and Border Patrol he lead the transformation to adopt Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for portfolio management of a large program. As a Certified Scrum Trainer (only 170 certified trainers globally) he has extensive experience in Agile training and coaching and organizational change management.

In the Federal sector Mr. Chhibber has worked with multiple agencies on Agile implementation, organizational process change, and coached them on the operational implementation of Agile to increase the efficiency.

Mr. Chhibber, brings thought leadership in both knowledge of Agile Framework and Agile coaching for the successful implementation to get operational efficiency at an organizational and portfolio level. Mr Chhibber, was the first Scrum Master for Cisco Systems, Voice Technology Group’s (VTG) Unified Communications Program

This pilot program became the blueprint for future Agile Implementations within VTG.



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