How to renew your Scrum Certifications

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How to renew your Scrum Certifications

How to renew your Scrum certification

Your Scrum Certification from Scrum Alliance are valid for 2 years. The process of renewing your certification is quite simple you need to accumilate a certain number of SEU’s (Scrum Educational Units) and pay a recertification fee.

Following is the matrix of the number of SEU’s required and the recertification fee.

Certification (Two-Year Term)SEUs RequiredFee Per Term
Foundational : CSM®, CSPO®, or CSD®20$100
Advanced: A-CSM or A-CSPO
Professional: CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, or CSP®

There are multiple ways of accumilating SEU’s

There are literally hundreds of ways to gain continuing education credits (SEUs, PDUs, etc.) for free:

  1. Read books, blogs and articles about any agile practice, principle, or framework.
  2. Contribute to a local agile or Scrum User Group.
  3. Participate in agile lunch-and-learns at your place of business.
  4. Come to live webinar events or watch pre-recorded webinars.
  5. Demonstrate learning in some other, creative way.
  6. Watch our free Scrum Foundations e-learning videos.
  7. Enroll and participate in the free, online Path to Coaching program.
  8. Attend an agile or Scrum event.

The SEU Calculator that will help you understand howmany SEU’s you need and the cost for each of the certification:Go to Dashboard

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